TR-TECH designs and manufactures automation in a wide range of application fields, from biomedical to automotive, from renewable energy to assembly lines.
Our flagship are the cutters equipped with a state-of-the-art cutting system.

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Cutting in Extrusion

Our electric cutters cut plastic pipes directly from the extrusion, simplifying work, increasing precision and significantly reducing processing time.

Cut from tube coil

Our electric slitters can cut plastic tubes directly from the reel, improving efficiency and ensuring precise cuts, reducing processing time and waste.

Tube 2 to 25 mm
Adjustable from 1 to 160 m/min
Up to 65 cuts/sec
Replacement speed
           SPEEDY CUT

The cutting revolution

SPEEDY CUT offer a very high cutting speed, it employ a rotating blade fitted on a electronic driver motor of very high performances, it offer an extraordinary cutting accuracy on a broad of plastic materials.

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Simply Cut

Electronic pipe cutter for PVC, EVA, PU, silicone and co-extruded materials.

Discover Simply Cut

Uni Cut

To have no limits in the
cutting length.

Discover Uni Cut

Tape Cut

Automatic cutter for paper
cohesive and adhesive tape.

Discover Tape Cut

Simply Cut

Taglierina elettronica per tubi in PVC, EVA, PU, Silicone e materiali coestrusi.

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Uni Cut

Per non avere limiti nella
lunghezza di taglio.

Scopri Uni Cut

Tape Cut

Taglierina automatica per carta
coesiva e nastro adesivo.

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